Hillhouse Naturals Fresh Linen Fragranced Sachet

Hillhouse Naturals Fresh Linen Fragranced Sachet

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Hillhouse Naturals Sachet 0.6 Oz.

Fresh Linen is a cool, clean and uplifting fragrance with a refreshing bouquet of lemon and orange interwoven with bergamot, rose, jasmine and musk. Exactly the scent you remember from linens freshly washed then dried outside in the revitalizing spring air. Made in the USA.

This Hillhouse Naturals Sachet fills your world with evocative fragrance. Simply place an unopened sachet in a lingerie drawer or suspend in your closet. Pour a teaspoon into a simmering pot and infuse your home with Hillhouse's natural aromas. Add a teaspoon to your vacuum bag to freshen each room as you vacuum. Place a Hillhouse Sachet behind a bed, sofa pillow, or in a floral arrangement for a soft natural fragrance that embraces the entire room. Fill a basket in your bath with Hillhouse Naturals Sachet and delight your guests. Look for our complete line of Hillhouse Naturals Sachets and Potpourris.

Priced per individual Sachet.